Sunday, 4 August 2013

July 1GAM entry: Musketeer's Adventures Update v1.2

Hey there, brave adventurers! I've dedicated this month to improving my last game, Musketeer's Adventures, adding more features and, hopefully, making it a more enjoyable game. I'm happy to announce the release of the first major update - version 1.2.

This update brings a lot of interesting features like inventory, weapons and armor system, mining, new enemies, and much more. For a full list of changes and tweaks, please, view the full changelog.

Thank you for playing my games and for your valuable feedback!

Download: MEGA

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Musketeer's Adventures update (v1.1)

Greetings fellow adventurers! For those of you who enjoyed my last game, Musketeer's Adventures, I have good news. Today I release the first minor update which brings few changes and also a couple of under-the-hood tweaks. The game is now using an installer, which installs all dependencies for you (if you had trouble getting the game to work, it should work now). All changes are listed in the changelog below.


New: Ability to rest to regain health (press R if no enemies are around)
New: Levelling up now replenishes health and mana to full capacity
New: The game is now deployed using an installer, which also installs all dependencies (VC++ runtime and OpenAL)


Initial release

You can download  the installer here: MEGA

Thursday, 4 July 2013

June 1GAM entry: Musketeer's Adventures

For the June game I wanted to revisit one of the previous themes - rogue.  This time I made a more typical roguelike game called Musketeer's Adventures. I couldn't finish all the features I'd wanted but I still think the game is fun (probably the best I've ever made for 1GAM). I'd like to put more work into it if I have some time.

You are a musketeer adventurer who decided to descend into the caves to search for the fabled treasure. No one knows if the treasure is real or just a tale. Many adventures entered the caves but not a single one returned alive. Will you find the treasure or meet the same fate?

Musketeer's Adventures (June 2013)

Download: Mega

NOTE: As I mentioned, I couldn't finish all the features in time. There is only one weapon (sabre), one type of enemy and it's not possible to save the game yet. I really enjoyed working on this game and I'd love to add the missing features. I appreciate any feedback from you guys, so let me know what you'd like to see in the game. Thanks a bunch for playing!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May 1GAM entry: Growth

Another month has passed and another game sees the light of day. For the May game, I decided to follow the optional theme again (which was "GROW"). I had so many ideas, but most of them I would not be able finish in time, so I decided to create another gameplay experiment, which is simply called Growth.

In this little game, you must out-grow your enemy. The exact meaning, however, is up to your imagination. The purpose was to test a new game mechanic, where you control your "colony" by planting seeds and letting it grow by itself. The enemy AI is trying the same, but it's not very smart :P. The goal is to have more area covered by your colony when the game ends. The game is over when the whole area is occupied.

Growth (May 2013)

Play here: LinkBackup mirror

I also started to run my own web server on a Raspberry Pi (first link), on which I will soon host a new website dedicated to my games. The previous links are still valid and probably remain that way, but if I don't have any major issues with the hosting, I will only place the new games on my own server but I will keep updating my progress on this blog as well.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

April 1GAM entry: SpringRider

This month's game is probably my fastest programmed game ever. It only took me few hours today and the reason for that is that my finals ended just this week so I had almost no time for games programming. And I was lazy too, I admit :)

SpringRider is a very simple game in which you to fly in a cave and try to avoid hitting the walls for as long as possible. The cave is randomly generated and you are awarded points for staying alive. The tighter the tunnels you fly through, the more points you get. Take care though as the controls are quite "springy" :)

SpringRider (April 2013)

Play here: SpringRider

As for future plans, now I should have much more free time even though I have to finish writing my thesis. I am looking forward to continue working on my OpenGL engine, which I might eventually port to WebGL and make some nice games in it. I also have the Oculus Rift dev kit pre-ordered which could arrive in June (my guess) so I'm definitely going to experiment with it and hopefully produce some interesting games.

Thanks for playing my games! :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

March 1GAM entry: Sokoban JS

Another month has passed and thus a new game comes to life. Again, a classic gets a new look. Or does it? This month's theme was "Rogue". Rogue-like games feature random level generation, permanent death, turn based combat and more. To me however, the first thing that comes to mind is the ASCII graphics. That's what I picked to distinguish my take on the Sokoban puzzle - Sokoban JS.

Why "JS"? To be entirely honest, this is not an entirely new game. I made it in C as a programming course project few years ago and now I decided to breathe new life into it. JS stands for JavaScript, the language I decided to port it to and therefore making it an online game. It doesn't have all the features yet but I'll try to add them as soon as possible.

Sokoban JS (March 2013)

Monday, 4 March 2013

February 1GAM entry: Defbot

In the last hour of the grace period I managed to finish my latest masterpiece. Like the last time, I chose to build upon a well known mechanic and add my own twist to it. The result is Defbot - the mix of a platformer and a tower defense game.

You are under attack by a horde of robots racing to blow themselves up at your base. Use your long range turret deployment system and set up defenses to protect your headquarters. There are two types of turrets for your disposal. Faster but weaker bullet turrets to engage the bots in close range and slow firing, long range rocket turrets capable of taking out multiple bots with single explosion. Think quickly, the enemy is approaching!

Defbot (February 2013)

Download: Link

Left mouse button - Bullet turret
Right mouse button - Rocket turret

Note: Feel free to play with the map.txt file and try to create your own map. The collision system is not perfect so you might encounter some strange behavior in some cases.

Symbols in map file:
X - Wall
J - Mandatory jump
j - Optional jump